My Pregnancy and Children’s Yoga Shop

Here are a few of my favourite things that I think will benefit Mum and baby, from hypnobirthing balls to yoga books and everything in between.

Yoga for Children - 50+ yoga pose cards

Help children to learn the benefits and poses of yoga with these useful children’s yoga cards

From £8.99

Yoga Mad - Buckwheat Bolster

I recommend this yoga bolster to support your body during pregnancy yoga classes

From £36.49

River Dawn: Piano Meditations

Relaxing piano music I use in my pregnancy yoga classes

From £7.99

The Positive Birth Book

The perfect tool for any mum-to-be, The Positive Birth Book is packed with lots of useful information.

From £14.99

The Hypnobirthing Book - Katharine Graves

This book accompanies my hypnobirthing sessions and helps couples to plan for their pregnancy and birth

From £11.79

URBNFit Gym and Yoga Ball

A hard-wearing yoga ball to help ease back pain before, during and after pregnancy.

From £18.99