Pregnancy Yoga in Warrington

My pregnancy yoga classes in Warrington allow mums-to-be to come along, feel supported, stretch aching muscles and relax in a calm and comfortable environment. These supportive classes last one hour with an introduction to start, a number of pregnancy friendly, yoga poses, followed by a little relaxing meditation to help relieve anxiety and pressure that pregnancy can create. Put together, this allows our mums-to-be to go home feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to embrace the incredible journey they are on.


Stockton Heath Class

My Stockton Heath antenatal yoga class takes place at Stockton Heath Primary School in south Warrington. Ideal for pregnant women who are new to yoga, experts and want to be a part of a supportive group, or somewhere inbetween.

Classes take place on Thursday evenings between 7-8pm.


Woolston Class

In west Warrington, my Woolston pregnancy yoga class takes place at the Woolston Neighbourhood Hub on Hall Road. This supportive, calming class welcomes newcomers and regular yogis.

The Wollston class takes place on Tuesday evenings between 7-8pm.


Winwick Class

My Winwick yoga class has been specially created to support mum and baby. This post-natal yoga class allows mums to bond with their baby while making sure they stay fit and healthy with other like-minded new mums.

The Winwick mum and baby class takes place on Thursday mornings between 10:45-11:30am.