Children’s & Pregnancy Yoga


Pregnancy Yoga For Mums To Be

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Each week, I aim to create a little sanctuary for Mums where you can relax, stretch, breathe and bond with your bumps! As well as helping you to reap all of the benefits of yoga during  pregnancy, I'll arm you with antenatal education and relaxation techniques to help you through the birth. 

Weekly Me Time
Working with you ladies throughout this magical journey is truly beautiful, and I love creating a space where you can look forward to some well deserved rest and relaxation each week. My weekly sessions also provide the opportunity for you to come together and share your journey with other ladies who are looking forward to Motherhood. 

Support Network
Having that support network during these times where so much is changing around you, can really help to keep you feeling safe and secure! So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let's find a class near you. 

Partner Classes
Pregnancy birth workshops are also available for you and your partner to help you both to prepare for the birth of your baby.



I am a qualified KGhypnobirthing professional, and I've designed my hypnobirthing classes with you in mind. I'll teach you a wealth of techniques which will help you to keep calm and relaxed during your birth. 

Empowered Birthing
Together you will enjoy relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques with a toolbox full of resources to take away. These techniques are designed to support you to enjoy a positive, confident and empowered birthing experience. 

Team Work
Your partner will have the opportunity to learn many practical methods to support you during the birth of your baby - making this an enjoyable experience for you both!  Sign up below and let's find a class near you. 

Did You Know?
My classes teach you to be in control of your body and birthing experience, and remove or manage the fear of birth. It's based on NLP techniques which really work!  I offer group workshop dates bi-monthly or  1-1 sessions in the comfort of your own home!


Children's Yoga & Mindfulness


Beginners' Yoga

Why should we have all the yoga fun? Combining the wonderful practice of yoga and  mindfulness through storytelling, games and dance, I've designed these classes in a way which will allow your little one's creativity to shine. 

Creative Learning
Your child will learn to combine yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness techniques using story telling, games, song, dance and other forms of creative learning. 

Child-Friendly Format
Would you like your child to experience the wonderful practice of yoga and mindfulness in a creative child-friendly format? Sign up below and let me help you to find a class near you. 


This (non-pregnancy) beginners' yoga class is suitable for all levels, particularly those looking for a starting point to introduce yoga practice into their routine.  I've specifically geared these classes to people who are new to yoga, post-natal Mums, or those who are just looking for a more gentle exercise routine.

Breath & Posture
Each class will allow a particular focus on breath and posture work, with a relaxation at the end of each session. You only need to bring along your body! Mats are provided during the lesson but feel free to bring along you own. 

Booking Blocks 
6 week booking blocks are available for £45*, or pay as you go for £9 per lesson.