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Want To Teach Children’s Yoga? 

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Welcome to the first step towards your exciting new chapter as a children’s yoga teacher with my Childrens' Yoga & Wellbeing Course. 


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Who's It For?

Whether you are a parent, teacher, carer, qualified yogi or yoga lover - I’m here to support you on your journey! Helping you to take a step closer to your dream of bringing yoga, mindfulness and wellbeing to children and young people.

The beauty of this online teacher training course is that it fits into your lifestyle, offering you the flexibility you need to complete it at your own pace.  We work hard to ensure that flexibility doesn’t compromise the quality and standard of the course, and you will be part of a comprehensive teacher training with complete support from your personal coach and other students along the way. 

This course has been designed with a unique blend of learning tools and techniques - the online element means it can fit around your lifestyle and commitments whilst the one ‘live’ workshop and participation in your personal coach’s children's yoga classes, mean you benefit from practical, personal contact support that continues well beyond the completion of your course.

What To Expect

The teacher training is jam packed with a whole host of resources, activities, tools and tricks of the trade to ensure you can step right into using your new found skills with confidence.  Let’s take a look at exactly what you can expect when you invest in your dream with Abi Can Yoga & Wellbeing.

This online children’s teacher training course gives you access to a whole host of resources at your fingertips, with a dedicated, personal tutor who is on hand to take you through the modules and support you to complete and pass your module assignments. Not only that but once the course is completed, we offer ongoing support for our students with access to a members only Facebook group. We pride ourselves on ensuring a sense of connectivity and support between our students which ensures you can do what you love and love what you do.

Students will be invited to attend one of two ‘live’ workshops where we can work through the modules in person.  Ensuring you receive all the support you need to get started.

Not only that - students have the opportunity to attend, participate in and practice their new found skills during one of your personal coach’s children's yoga classes*

The modules provide training for yoga & mindfulness but in addition you will also learn vital coaching skills to enhance the emotional intelligence in the children you work with. 

These include; Resilience, confidence, over-coming worry, and managing stress.  This means children receive a holistic approach to their personal development, taking in elements of health, wellbeing and emotional intelligence - providing them with a six-pack tool kit of skills for life.

This course has been given the CPD Standards Accreditation approval which provides this teacher training with a high quality stamp of approval that allows Abi Can Yoga & Wellbeing to benchmark the quality of our services and the overall experience of our students.

Course Outline & Content

Module 1: Children Love Yoga

1. Yoga philosophy & breathing 2. Yoga fun 3. Children & mindfulness and how to be a mindful teacher 4. How to teach yoga to children 5. Children’s spiritual and personal development 5. Assignment

Module 2: Yoga Fun & Personal Development for Children

1. Children’s yoga fun ideas and resources 2. Partner & Group yoga fun 3. Family yoga fun 4. Assignment

Module 3: Mindfulness & Breathing

1. Mindfulness techniques and activities for children 2. Stress management for children 3. Holding your space 4. Quiet time (techniques to relax) 5. Looking after yourself as a teacher 6. Toolbox creation 7. Assignment

Module 4: Yoga Practicalities

1. Understanding the different age groups & child development 2. Class structure / set-up 3. Behaviour management techniques 4. Bringing everyone together 5.Assignment

Module 5: Stepping onto the yoga mat

1. Class planning 2. Class logistics / organising the classroom 3. Props & equipment 4. Yoga community 5. Sequencing 6. Legalities of working with children 6.Resources to get you started 7. Assignment

Module 6: Your yoga as a business

1. Getting started 2. Establishing your classes 3. Marketing 4. Pricing 5. Business set-up 6. Tax 7. Overcoming challenges 8. Assignment

*Provisions will be made to tailor for students who live further afield or where the option to attend a school isn't available.

Course Tutor

I am a personal development coach and yoga teacher. I’ve worked with a wide range of people from various backgrounds both through my personal development workshops and my yoga practices. I’ve always had a love for yoga & mindfulness and have practiced it for as long as I can remember. Back in 2009, I traveled the world and got to enjoy yoga overlooking the lush green rice paddy fields of Bali!

Back here in England, I’d always loved working with children, running youth clubs, working in schools working with children around personal development / emotional intelligence workshops but I always wanted to find a different angle to bringing out the best in little humans.

Yoga seemed to be the right route, so I found a training course and it’s turned out to be the best decision I ever made! Now I get to combine my love of children, yoga and helping others to feel good – bonus! 

Payment Plan

The course costs £450 but there is a payment plan available requiring a deposit of £150 and the remaining to be paid in monthly installments.  Secure your place by adding your deposit to the cart in my shop here.  Alternatively, if you purchase the whole course up front, you'll benefit from the discounted price of £380. 

If you'd however just like to know a few more details, please register your interest below. 

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