20 Birth Affirmations For Partners and Dads - And What To Do With Them

This is the perfect extra resource you might need to help support the mum-to-be throughout your journey together. I’ve compiled this list of positive affirmations for birth partners and dads because it’s not just the mums that need support. Partners need it too.

As the birth partner, by collecting several affirmations, keeping them handy and visible, and repeating them regularly, you can be in a much better position to support your partner and be ready for the big day.


Why birth partner affirmations are important

Birth partner affirmations are a really important technique that is regularly used as part of hypnobirthing. These positive affirmations are just one of the many ways to help build confidence, overcome fears and anxieties, and prepare for unexpected situations. Childbirth and parenting can be an incredibly daunting experience, particularly for first-time parents. As the dad or birth partner, recognising and repeating key phrases can help you to be the supportive partner you need to be and build your own confidence.

There is a lot of research to show how affirmations can positively change the way you think and feel. Subconsciously, the brain absorbs these phrases and starts to believe what they say and mean. Overtime, positive differences in attitudes and confidence, as well as reducing anxieties is experienced.

Many first-time Dads lack confidence and have their own fears about childbirth that they may not want to share. By repeating affirmations, Dads and partners can improve on this and be the best birth partner they can be throughout the experience.


20 Birth partner affirmations

I’ve split the partner affirmations below into five topics to help you focus on areas you might need a little extra help with. Using words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ when working with affirmations can also help to develop a stronger bond with your partner.

Confidence Affirmations

I am the best birth partner I can be

I am comfortable asking questions, this is my birth too

I inhale confidence and exhale doubt

I am confident

This experience is making me stronger

You are stronger than you think

Support Affirmations

I am able to support my partner during pregnancy and birth

My role during birth is valuable and irreplaceable

We are ready

Together, we’ve got this

Deep, controlled breathing will help me too

Adaptability and Uncertainty Affirmations

I am ready for whatever challenges may arise

Challenges are what help us grow

The unknown is just around the corner, and we are ready for it

Allow for the unexpected, it’s normal

No matter what happens, I respect my partner’s decisions

Becoming A Father Affirmations

I am an amazing father

My child is looking forward to meeting me

I will care for and love my baby no matter what

Parents are incredible humans. I’m looking forward to being one


What to do with these affirmations

So now you have the affirmations, what do you do with them? Here are my next steps:

  1. Choose three or four affirmations that resonate best with you and your situation

    Do you want to build your confidence? Maybe you want to ensure you stay supportive, no matter what happens. Or perhaps you’re incredibly nervous about being a Dad for the first time. Which of the affirmations stand out to you?

  2. Write these affirmations down or print them out

  3. Look in a mirror and say one out loud to yourself. Say it like you mean it. As you say the phrase, believe it, even if it’s just for a few seconds. How does it make you feel?

  4. Repeat step three for your chosen affirmations.

  5. Keep the affirmations to hand, perhaps as a list in your wallet, written on the fridge or as cards on your night stand. Throughout the day, take one and read it. But don’t read it quickly. Spend some time to read it. Take in the words and really think about what it means and what it looks like.

  6. Choose one to read to yourself and think about before bed. Think about all the positives that will come from it as you read it. This type of meditation before bed will help the affirmations sink in to your thoughts

  7. Say your affirmations to one another. Both mums and dads need to practice their affirmations. By saying them to each other, you will believe them more and more.

Next steps

By practicing affirmations everyday, you’ll grow as a person, develop the confidence you need and help prepare both yourself and your partner for birth.