Meditation For Anxiety During Pregnancy

Throughout the experience, it is very common for Mum to become stressed and anxious about her pregnancy, particularly for a first-time mum. Worries about all sorts of things to do with life, baby, the birth and beyond can creep up at any point so it’s important to address this from an early stage and learn to manage these thoughts and feelings in a calm way.

Meditation is one popular and successful way of managing this anxiety at all stages of pregnancy including postnatal. It helps to calm the mind, addressing concerns we may have, as well as helping us to learn to overcome these thoughts and fears that can crop up from time to time, and has been shown to reduce feelings of nausea during pregnancy.


As part of my pregnancy yoga classes, I make sure that we enjoy a calming meditation towards the end of the session to allow Mum to relax after stretching and begin to address any anxiety she may have. This mindfulness aspect of pregnancy yoga has also been shown to improve positive emotions, get to know their body better and enjoy a little “me” time.

The yogic pose ‘Savasana’ or ‘Corpse Pose’ is ideal for meditation to relieve anxiety, however for pregnant women, a better position would be to embrace Savasana on your side with a hefty pillow or lying on an incline. Find a quiet place where you can spend some time alone with a little space.

With your eyes closed, turn your attention to your breath, focusing on the air as you breath in and out again. Don’t worry if your mind wanders, this is perfectly normal. When you become aware of this happening, don’t get frustrated or worried, simple bring your attention back to the air as it flows into your lungs through your mouth or nose, and as you exhale as the air flows out again. Do this for 10 minutes to begin with and try doing it several times a week if you can.

This type of meditation during yoga helps you to focus your thoughts. The more you practice this meditation during pregnancy, the easier it will become and you will be able to move on to other types of meditation, such as visualisation and five senses meditation, which can help you develop and better address any anxiety or worries you may have.

Meditation is also a valuable tool if you are looking at hypnobirthing as an option during your pregnancy, as it allows you to manage your thoughts and feelings in a much better and structured way. Guided meditations work really well to prepare you for the birth of your baby so it’s good to start even the most basic of meditation practice in the first trimester of pregnancy if you can.