Beginners' Yoga


New To Yoga? 

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Welcome to the wonderful world of yoga! A place that can offer you some much needed peace and tranquillity from the busyness of life. 

Yoga For All!
This (non-pregnancy) beginners' yoga class is suitable for all levels, particularly those looking for a starting point to introduce yoga practice into their routine.  I've specifically geared these classes to people who are new to yoga, post-natal mums, or those who are just looking for a more gentle exercise routine.

Why Yoga? 
It's a one stop shop! My classes combine movement, postures and breath, allowing for a holistic approach to your physical, mental and emotional needs. 

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Breath & Posture
Each class will allow a particular focus on breath and posture work, with a relaxation at the end of each session - truly allowing you the space to rejuvenate and recharge.

What Do I Need? 
You only need to bring along your body! Mats are provided during the lesson but feel free to bring along you own. Sign up below to find a class near you!

Booking Blocks
6 week booking blocks are available for £45*, or pay as you go for £9 per lesson.