Antenatal Workshop: Birth rehearsal & Hypnobirthing

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Think of birth rehearsal like training for a marathon or preparing for a presentation - you wouldn't turn up to either without information, knowledge, and above all practice! Preparing yourself for birth works best with practice practice practice beforehand!

Hypnobirthing & birth rehearsal works with the mind, helping it to easily switch into a relaxed state - allowing the body to do exactly what it was designed for - to open up and introduce your baby to the world.

KGHypnobirthing is a full birth rehearsal programme which is simple, logical and profound. Designed to meet the need of every Mother and birth partner during this magical journey as you prepare to meet your bundle of joy. The in-depth training you receive teaches you how your body works, and gives you informative knowledge about your mind, body and birth so you can prepare for labour - hypnobirthing can be practiced for any birth plan and prepares you for any eventuality.

It helps to replace your fears/anxieties of birth and replace them with confidence, so you can look forward to your baby’s birth. It supports you to develop a positive mental attitude which transforms your experience of pregnancy and birth.

Your partner will have the opportunity to learn many practical methods to support you during the birth of your baby so they can be the gatekeeper and protector of you and your space during birth - making this an enjoyable experience for you both.

Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm both days (please allow 30mins at the end of each day for final wrap up of sessions)

June Workshop:
Saturday 22nd June & Saturday 29th June
Refreshments + lunch provided (home made cakes and fresh food, dietary requirements catered for)

Mum-to-be + birth partner
Mums can attend without birth partner
*class sizes will be kept small for a more personal hypnobirthing experience

I love coming to Abi’s class, she makes everyone feel welcome and the small class sizes make it friendly and attentive. It’s a great hour out of my busy week to connect with my baby and really relax. I always leave feeling very chilled and hope to keep coming throughout my pregnancy.
— Gemma

Places are limited so do book early to avoid disappointment.