My Story

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I felt for years like I was a black sheep who just couldn’t mould into thinking, behaving and feeling like everyone else around me. It made me sad and at the time I just couldn’t understand why I didn’t fit in. In my older, wiser, more self-aware years however, I think I was sad that I felt I didn’t have the confidence to be a black sheep! A prickly thorn. To make my own rules. To be a free spirit and not follow the rules that made everyone else feel most safe when they were a replica of the rest of the people on the planet. Hindsight is amazing, isn’t it?

My Driving Factor
That said, the years I spent figuring all of that out is exactly what brought me to this place right now. All of the above were my driving factor. The fire in my belly that made sure I didn’t stick to a job I hated or one that didn’t light me up. I walked away from relationships as soon as the off switch had been flicked. I fought with society as it tried to make me conform to settling down, getting a mind numbing job and towing the line. I might not have understood any of it at the time but the inner creative beast was not going to take that lying down!


My Realisation 
And so, approximately 14 jobs, as many relationships, countless holidays, hobbies, friendship groups and lot's of learnings later, I came to a huge, overwhelming realisation. I’m not only meant to stand up tall and proud of who I am, however weird that might be for some, but also to serve those who are in a similar position to where I have come from and need the help and clarity to step into their own. To live the life they dream about.


How I Can Help You!
When I reflect back over the many years from a young child through to teenage and into adulthood, it seems pretty blinking obvious that I’ve always been designed to do exactly what I’m doing now. My whole life purpose has always been to help other people, and that's how I have found my myself as a Personal Development coach and Yoga Teacher. So, why not join me on my journey as I help you along yours?! 

So Ask Yourselves...

Have you have found that something which lights you up inside and out? Do you have an overwhelming feeling that you're meant to create your own rules, forge your own path, live a life full of excitement, freedom and adventure? 

If so, WELCOME! - Have a peek at my workshops here or get in touch here.